Hi, I'm Emi!

I'm a software engineer and I make stuff! I like computers, creativity, and pastel colors.

Notable Projects

Trinkets - An accessible, data-driven accessory API for Minecraft, currently used by dozens of projects and recieving more than 10_000 downloads daily.

Shenzhen Solitaire GBC - An implementation of the solitaire game in Shenzhen I/O by Zachtronics written in C for the Gameboy Color.

emi.dev - Of course I wrote my own website! Plain HTML, CSS, (and 3 lines of JS for an easter egg).

See my GitHub for a more complete list of the stuff I'm working on and have worked on.

A Little About Me

I've been a software engineer since mid 2012. I enjoy working with system languages but have worked on everything from writing C on the Gameboy Color to HTML/CSS/JS on the web.

I've worked with a lot of different technology and a sizable collection of languages. For the past while I've been infatuated with the D programming language.

I am mostly occupied by modding Minecraft, which means I am using Java near constantly and have a good grasp on Java bytecode, related patching, and toolchains of the past and present.

I currently use KDE Neon for my desktop and VSCodium as my IDE.