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Quantum Chess is a simple game. It's just like chess! Except for the vaguely inspired quantum mechanics. Instead of capturing just one piece, you can capture as many as are available and split your piece into uncertainty. Being captured will collapse the wave function and they will all vanish, but if you can keep them safe they'll benefit you. More rules explained on the page.

Crystal Kaizo+ is a brutally difficult reimagining of Crystal Kaizo, a romhack for Pokemon Crystal. Due to the highly difficult gameplay, runners play the game with a maximum set of knowledge, full access to every set the opponent is running, the items and team members available at every location, and the learnsets available for every team member they have. To this end, the Crystal Kaizo+ Calc serves as a complete gameplay database containing all of this information and more, while also serving the fundamental purpose of a damage calculator. Runners can import their saves and see the exact damage rolls possible during every fight.

Know how to write Java targets really well? Brushing up on your mixin skills? Forced by a demon to learn every Yarn mapping by heart? This "game" is for you!

Tritris is a very much half finished attempt to make a block stacking game with equilateral triangles, rather than half squares like contemporaries. Pieces are all 6 rotationally unique patterns made of 5 connected triangles: the cyan "I", the magenta "C", the orange "L", the blue "J", the green "S" and the red "Z". Gameplay is typical of block stacking games.